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Following a few important steps can make a big difference to the successful sale of your property.


Know your home’s worth

Before embarking on the process of listing your home for sale you will want a well-informed view on what your property is worth in the current market. By talking to your local area property specialist, you can expect an expert opinions on what sale’s price you can expect to achieve. Your agent will estimate the price point for your property based on current market conditions, unique features and characteristics of your property as well as comparable data from sales of similar homes recently sold in your local area. Your agent should also be able to provide you with other useful information on the selling process, contractual terms and conditions and your obligations once you commit to the process.


Do your research

Become more informed on the current market and value of properties in your area with recent sales figures from realestate.com.au, domain.com.au and The Sydney Morning Herald price guide. By comparing priced of homes currently listed will better understand the different pricing points in your local market. You may also want to consider attending a few auctions and speak to agents to find out if an auction could be a suitable option for your home sale.


Experts with a strong track record

Besides real estate agents, selling your property could see you involved with a number of professionals including solicitors, conveyancers, mortgage brokers, lenders, tradespeople and removalists. Take time to research the service offering from each and shop around until you find reliable professionals with a strong track record which will deliver quality service.


Before you sign

When selling your home you will most likely come across a variety of contracts such as agency agreements, contract notes, contract of sale or an authority to sell. No matter what contract you are entering into you will need to have a clear understanding of everything you are committing to, both written and verbal. Ensure you carefully read and fully understand any contracts before signing and if you are in any doubt about terms, conditions or fine print, ask your conveyancer or solicitor for clarification. Remember to have any verbal agreement put into writing and if you’re still unsure about anything you are signing, hold off until you can have it reviewed and clarified by your legal representative.


Understand the costs

Finally, achieving the best sales price for your home can make a difference of tens of thousands of dollars. To maximise your sales price, take the time to speak with your agent to work out which sales strategy suits you best and fits within your budget. Many real estate agents will want your business, however doing a little homework on all the above will leave you feeling confident you’ve made the right choices and found the best agent to help you through the entire sales process.

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